The mission of Preservation Parks of Delaware County is:

To protect and conserve the natural and historic features of Delaware County and to inspire outdoor exploration and learning.

Overview of Preservation Parks

Preservation Parks of Delaware County was created in response to a growing need to protect open space and unique natural habitats for the public good.

The Park District’s goals are to provide passive recreation activities, such as hiking and picnicking, while keeping development to a minimum. Walking paths and viewing areas allow people to get close to nature without disturbing it. Within the park system, visitors can see rolling meadows, virtually untouched wood lots, ravine systems, waterways, and the remains of glaciers.

Preservation Parks is funded primarily by property tax dollars approved by voters of Delaware County. The most recent 10-year levy was approved in 2008. Tax revenue is augmented by federal and state grants, along with contributions of land, materials, equipment and time from donors and volunteers.

Many donor and volunteer opportunities are available to help support your Park District. Our variety of programming, support and material needs may coincide with your varied interests and talents. Please contact any member of the Preservation Parks staff to offer your assistance.