Division of Park Police

The mission of the Preservation Park Police is to provide professional law enforcement service and protection to all park visitors, their property and the natural resources of Preservation Parks of Delaware County.

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Preservation Parks of Delaware County Officers possess Ohio Basic Peace Officer Certification. The park police get their authority from the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 1545.13 which states:

"The employees that the Board of Park Commissioners designate for that purpose may exercise all the powers of police officers within and adjacent to the lands under the jurisdiction and control of the Board…"

They differ from other law enforcement agencies in that their work focuses on parks and their facilities and users, rather than a city or village. They enforce the Ohio Revised Code and the same laws as other peace officers.

The officers also enforce a separate set of laws known as park rules and regulations, specifically related to parks. The ORC states:

"The Board of Park Commissioners shall adopt such bylaws and rules as the Board deems advisable for the preservation of good order within and adjacent to parks and reservations of land…"

The park police are also responsible for some aspects of the maintenance and conservation management of our park facilities.

To Dispatch a Park Police Officer

For non-emergency assistance, Preservation Park Police can be dispatched by calling:

Park Police Officer on Duty: 614-989-1972
Delaware County Sheriff’s Office: 740-833-2800
(and asking for a park police officer to be sent to your location.)

In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1

Questions related to the Park Police Department can be directed to:

Dennis Welch, Chief Officer

dwelch@preservationparks.com or parkpolice@preservationparks.com

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