Being Green

Preservation Parks believes that being a steward of Delaware County’s natural resources includes taking the steps to “reduce, reuse, recycle and renew” materials that come into the parks whenever possible.

Here are a few things staff members do, and have done, to make the world a greener place:

  We keep recycling bins handy at both nature centers, for use by staff and visitors.

•  Every effort is made to use materials on hand, or repair existing machinery, before new purchases are made. This saves the Delaware County taxpayers money, too.

•  The Lodge at Deer Haven Preserve was built in 2009 following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines. Click here for a PDF describing “green” design features of The Lodge.

In the bigger picture, we:

  Restore wetlands, plant prairies and plant trees. All of these measures help land to filter impurities from water as it moves through a watershed, ultimately keeping drinking water supplies clean.

•  Hold an annual “Green-Wise Fair,” to show families how to tread more gently upon the earth. The fair includes vendors, workshops and activities for children. The 2013 Fair will be on August 25.