Wildlife Management

Maintaining quality habitat and wildlife diversity is a primary goal of the park district. Most of our wildlife management techniques actually involve managing vegetation to meet the needs of wildlife.

A majority of our park lands are managed using a hands-off approach where areas are reverting to natural conditions on their own. In these areas the natural process of succession will determine what plant and animal communities are best adapted to each site. Restoration efforts within Preservation Parks are often focused on recently disturbed areas such as abandoned farm fields.

Utilizing these areas for active management allows increased diversity without disturbing rare or sensitive species. Management practices include restoring native tree or prairie species, wetland restoration and removal of invasive species.

natural Preservation Parks continues to utilize biotic surveys within our parks, so we can interpret the quality of our natural areas. BioBlitzes are quick surveys of all species in an area, usually done by several individuals over a 24-hour period. Click here for the results of a BioBlitz held recently on recently-acquired property along Pollack Road. BioBlitz Species


Nest box monitors help keep track of nest box conditions and record the many birds that fledge from them each season. To assist with monitoring, or to participate in a future BioBlitz, please contact the Volunteer & Special Events coordinator Saundra McBrearty saundras@preservationparks.com.

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