This page includes information on park or trail closings, holiday hours, temporary changes to office hours and other updates.

(Updated, Sept. 8, 2016) Emily Traphagen Park is scheduled to be closed beginning Sept. 19, while the parking lot is paved and access walkways are upgraded. The work includes paving and striping the parking lot; applying fresh gravel to the walkways around the restrooms and picnic shelter; and installing a new concrete walkway from the handicap parking spaces to the front of the restroom.
Click here for project details. paving-plan-exhibit
Construction is scheduled to be completed between Sept. 21 and Sept. 30, and park reopening information will be posted here and on social media. Those with questions may call 740.524.8600, ext. 2.

(Added August 24, 2016) We are adding a 0.7-acre wetland to Deer Haven Park, just west of the parking area. You will see excavation, and then seeding with a temporary cover crop, such as rye. Over the winter and in 2017, wetland plants will be added. Trails around the new wetland may be rerouted after the project is completed. Those with questions may call 740.524.8600, ext. 8.