Hoover Scenic Trail

Extends from Plumb Road north, along Hoover Reservoir, to Weise Road and connects to the south to the Genoa Multi-Use Trail. There is a five-car parking area at the trail entrance along Plumb Road.

The 0.6-mile Hoover Scenic Trail picks up where the Genoa Trail leaves off, extending this bike and hiking trail from Plumb Road to Weise Road south of the village of Galena. The trail crosses Old 3C Highway via a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, and runs along the shore of Hoover Reservoir, through the Hoover Nature Preserve (owned by the City of Columbus).

Wildlife along the trail:
Mammals apt to be seen along this section include white-tailed deer, eastern cottontail rabbit, eastern chipmunk, eastern gray squirrel, fox squirrel, red squirrel, woodchuck, American beaver, muskrat, coyote, red fox, raccoon, and striped skunk.

Birds that have been observed along the trail in the Hoover Nature Preserve area number more than 220 species. The stars of the show here are the prothonotary warblers that arrive from South America, Central American and the Caribbean islands in early April and migrate back south in August. A large percentage of Ohio's prothonotary warbler population breeds at the northern end of Hoover Reservoir.

Other birds of special interest to be seen from the bike trail as it follows the shore of Hoover Reservoir are bald eagle, osprey, cliff swallows and almost every species of swan, goose, duck, gull and tern to be found in Ohio. Occasionally (once every few years) American white pelican show up on Hoover Reservoir.

From late July through early November the water level at Hoover Reservoir usually recedes exposing vast mudflats. An average year will tally about 20-25 species of migrating shorebirds. Exceptional years have produced up to 35 species. Some species of greater interests to birders are American Avocet, Whimbrel, Hudsonian Godwit, and Marbled Godwit.

Through the forested areas one can encounter wild turkey, black-billed cuckoo, yellow-billed cuckoo, Eastern screech-owl, great horned owl, barred owl, red-headed woodpecker, Acadian flycatcher, white-eyed vireo, yellow-throated vireo, wood thrush, blue-winged warbler, yellow warbler, ovenbird, Louisiana water thrush, Kentucky warbler, common yellowthroat, hooded warbler, scarlet tanager, eastern towhee, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, orchard oriole and Baltimore oriole.

Additionally, as visitors enjoy the bike trail, those with alert eyes can spot various reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies.

This section of the trail was opened to the public in 2010.

South from Plumb Road, the Genoa Trail is a 4-mile asphalt multi-purpose trail that parallels the western edge of State Route 3 on an abandoned railroad. The trail is sheltered by a canopy of aged trees and vegetation that separates it from the traffic of State Route 3 and the adjacent properties. North of Lewis Center Road, the trail traverses a corner of Char-Mar Ridge Preserve. The Genoa Trail connects parks, greenways, residences, businesses and wildlife.

Further south, the Genoa Trail connects to a network of Multi-use trails in Westerville.


  • .6-mile trail

Future Plans

The Delaware County Friends of the Trail are working to acquire funding to continue the trail north of Weise Road to Dustin Road. Eventually, the Delaware County section of the trail is to continue northeast to the Knox County Line. The trail is part of the Ohio to Erie Trail that ultimately will extend more than 300 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

Hours of Operation (effective Nov. 1, 2014)

Winter Hours: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. (November 1 - February 28)

Summer Hours: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. (March 1 - October 31)

Rules and Regulations

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