Gallant Farm Preserve

19 acres
Do you remember gallon-jug butter churns, Victrolas, canning jars with zinc lids, and clothing made from printed feed sacks? Did you live that era, or are you interested in knowing how farm families in Delaware County farmed during the Great Depression and World War II?.

The 1930s-40's farmstead at Gallant Farm Preserve in Troy Township includes a farmhouse museum, barn with historic 1890s timbers, granary, machine shed and barnyard, demonstration crop fields and orchard, and other features of a typical family farm.

Gallant Farm Preserve was purchased in 2003. Funds for the purchase and the construction of an entrance drive were obtained through a grant from the CleanOhio Fund.

Although the Farm is now open, Preservation Parks continues to gather authentic furniture, tools, toys, equipment and accessories – everything a 1930's-40's family would use to outfit a farmstead. Your donation could become part of history, and will be much appreciated! Call 740-524-8600, ext. 1 for more information.

How YOU can help

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  • Farmhouse Museum
  • Barn, Granary, Machine Shed and other Outbuildings
  • Farm Pond
  • .25-mile Walking Trail
  • Restrooms

Hours of Operation:
Buildings: Noon-5 p.m. Thursday-Sunday; Park: 8 a.m.-Sunset every day

Monthly Sunset Calendar

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2150 Buttermilk Hill Road
Delaware, Oh 43015