Active Projects

Shale Hollow Preserve
Construction of entrance drive and parking area Loop trail and bridges east of creek

Blues Creek Preserve
Designing new restrooms

Deer Haven Preserve
Trail connection across the sanitary wetland

Gallant Woods Preserve
Interpretive panels in Gateway structure

Hoover Scenic Trail
Gravel parking lot at Plumb Road entrance

Park Improvement Projects

Completed in 2012

Shale Hollow Preserve
Renovations to the meeting space/restroom facility (projected opening date for park, Summer/Fall 2013)

Big Walnut Community Trail
Sidewalk connections to the walking trail completed by the Village of Sunbury

Char-Mar Ridge Preserve
New restrooms

Deer Haven Preserve
Ravine crossing and trail connection
Stone seating area along the Tree Swallow Trail

Gallant Farm Preserve
Completion of the Farmhouse, Granary, Implement & Garden Sheds, and Outhouse
Opening of Gallant Farm Preserve to the public
Barn relocation

Gallant Woods Preserve
Gateway Trail and Boardwalk
Restoration of wetlands

Hogback Ridge Preserve
Paving of parking lot